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Course Offerings


The course descriptions that follow represent a brief summary of each class offered at the high school level. The descriptions do not necessarily list all topics and/or activities associated with each class. 


Note that some courses require a fee for materials or labs. Students who have been approved for free or reduced price meals can, at their discretion, have any or all of their base material fees waived. Requests for the fee waiver must be submitted to the building principal.

Academic Course Descriptions

This course description booklet has been compiled to aid you in choosing classes for next year. It contains a list and description of classes offered at RHS. Additional information listed includes: to whom the course is open, what prerequisites are required, and how many credits the course is worth. Not all classes are offered each year due to changes in faculty, student interest, or, in some cases, state requirements. The # symbol represents weighted courses.


The curriculum at Ridgeway High School has been developed to provide as wide a range of courses as existing facilities and staff will permit. A great amount of time and effort is devoted to the process of students selecting courses and constructing a master schedule that will permit most students to get their course selections.

Language Arts

4 Credits Required

English I- (1 CREDIT)                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Grade 9

Full-year course. English I is the freshman level course. This is a foundational course designed to develop students’ communication skills and create stronger readers, writers, speakers and listeners. Literature studies include a variety of genres (short stories, poetry, drama, novels, plays, etc.) and the terms associated with these genres that will help students do well in EOC and other standard-based tests. This course covers a broad spectrum of language activities within its year-long course of study and is rooted in basic skills concepts in all phases of language. This is a required course for graduation.


English II - (1 CREDIT)                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Grade 10 

Full-year course. English II is the sophomore level course. This is a challenging course that is EOC tested. It will prepare students for the EOC, ACT, and for future success in English classes. This course will focus on developing the analysis skills needed to examine increasingly difficult texts. Students will also focus on writing a variety of formal and informal texts. Upon completion of the course, students will be more independent thinkers and readers. This is a required course for graduation. 

Prerequisite: English I


English III - (1 CREDIT)                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Grade 11

Full-year course. English III is a junior level course. This class includes an in-depth study of American Literature from the settling of the United States to present time, including the study of the novel, short story, and poetry. This class includes an emphasis on grammar, writing essays, and the development of a research paper. This class should be considered essential for all college-bound students. This is a required course for graduation.

Prerequisite: English II


#English IV - (1 CREDIT)                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Grade 12

Full-year course. English IV is a senior level course and should be taken by college-bound seniors or students who are non-college-bound but still capable of completing the course. This course is an introduction to expository and argumentative writing and includes reviews of grammar, conventions, usage, and vocabulary. The literature covers a variety of genres, including short stories, novels, plays, poetry, and non-fiction.

Prerequisite: English III


Applied Communications - (1 CREDIT)                                                                                                                                                                                          Grade 12

Full-year course. This is a senior level English course designed for students who are aiming for vocational education or directly into the workforce. Emphasis will be placed on reading, writing, interpretation, communication and presentation that will showcase skills that will be useful in life beyond high school. Students will focus on skills in the English field that will prepare them to meet the demands of the workforce using work-related texts and writing assignments. Students prepare a personal resume and learn to compose a cover letter. 

Prerequisite: English III


Creative Writing - (0.5 CREDIT)                                                                                                                                                                                               Grades 11-12

Semester course. Creative Writing is an English elective providing students with the opportunity to show off their skills. Students respond to a variety of small prompts, create “portfolios” of their favorite pieces, and work weekly toward a final story project. This course is heavily oriented around skillful writing and individual creativity; it’s goal – to provide students the chance to create something extraordinary. Elective for 11-12 grade.

Prerequisite: English I & II

Mythology - (0.5 CREDIT)                                                                                                                                                                                                           Grades 11-12

Semester course. In Mythology, we focus on an in-depth history of Sumerian, Greek, and Roman mythology. While the length of readings may be challenging (we use a college-level book), the content is easily understandable and interesting. The course is largely project-based and students can expect assignments such as student-taught chapters, culture days, map recreations, gods/goddesses/monsters drawings, etc. Elective for 11-12 grade.

Prerequisite: English I & II


Speech - (0.5 CREDIT)                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Grades 11-12

Semester course. Emphasis in this class is on the construction and delivery of an effective speech. Practice in delivering the various kinds of speeches needed in social and business situations will be addressed. Understanding the basic speech format and developing self-confidence are major emphases. Elective for 11-12 grade.

Prerequisite: English I & II


#Dual Credit Speech Communications NCMC-SP 175 - (0.5 HS CREDIT/3.0 College Credit)                                                                                Grades 11-12

Semester course. SP 175 is for college-bound juniors and seniors who meet NCMC’s enrollment requirements. Learn how to better think and act as a public speaker by preparing the presenting speeches. Application of content and self-assessment are principle learning strategies in this introductory course. The message-creation process stresses thinking broadly and deeply about the subject. The delivery approach emphasizes interactive skills and attitudes.

Prerequisite: English I & II


#Dual Credit English I NCMC-En 101 - (0.5 HS CREDIT/3.0 College Credit)                                                                                                                Grades 11-12

Semester course. EN 101 is for college-bound juniors and seniors who meet NCMC’s enrollment requirements. An introduction to expository and argumentative writing, emphasizing reading, critical thinking and analytical writing skills. Several short papers are assigned, with emphasis on the writing process. 

Prerequisite: English I & II


#Dual Credit English II NCMC-EN 102 - (0.5 HS CREDIT/3.0 College Credit)                                                                                                                Grade 11-12

Semester course. EN 102 is for college-bound juniors and seniors who meet NCMC’s enrollment requirements. A continuation of EN101, emphasizing longer and more impersonal and critical writing forms. Organizational skills are developed through the outline and summary units; analytical reading and critical thinking are stressed. A thorough use of library and online resources is required for the bibliography unit and the final research paper.

Prerequisite: English I & II, EN 101 


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